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Check Udaariyaan Latest 25th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Jasmine Slaps Fateh For Betraying


The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin where Jasmine gets shattered after knowing the truth of Fateh because she did not expect at all, that he will make Tejo pregnant. Her anger is getting increased because all her dreams have been shattered because of Fateh and that is why she is too sad and crying. Because if she knew that Fateh is a person who is playing with the feelings of two girls and betraying them, so she would never go back to him. She further, mentions that how did he even dare to go close to Tejo when there is no love between the two. 


Udaariyaan Written Update

Then Jasmine decides to take Fateh to the same house and asks what is going on between them because she wants to make everything as clear as a mirror. Because this kind of betrayal does not exist in the relationship and asks him to unleash everything as soon as possible. Meanwhile, she slaps Fateh too by saying that does not take an exam of her patient level, even Fateh gets shocked to see Jasmine’s avatar. But he asks her very calmly that why she is asking all this what is wrong with her.

At the same time, Jasmine alleges him bypassing such derogatory remarks that pretend to love me and sleep with someone else. But Fateh tries to make her understand that nothing is like as she is thinking, and all speculations of her are totally wrong and baseless too. Meanwhile, Fateh says that he did not sleep with Tejo because he knows he loves Jasmine so how could he dared to sleep with her. But Jasmine raises a question that if he did not sleep with her, so why she went for pregnancy checkup, so please answer her before it’s too late.

Fateh gets shocked to hear this because he is unfamiliar with Tejo’s pregnancy and now everything has arrived in front of him. Hence, inwardly he is thinking that what is going on near him from which he is totally unfamiliar. But Jasmine keeps on alleging him to make her life hell therefore, she ends this toxic relationship because it does not have a future at all. But Fateh does say even a single word and hearing everything whatever she is saying, so now it’s interesting to watch that at what type of step Jasmine will take now. So do not forget to stream it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more updates connect with us.


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