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Check Udaariyaan Written Episode & Update 29-6-2021: Fateh Goes Along With Tejo To Her House


Hello, all the people, we hope you all are getting all the updates on one of the most entertaining television shows Udaariyaan. This is the first ongoing of the show gained ground in no time with its highly amusing plot and sheer brilliance performance. The show narrates the story of three happy go life people Fateh, Tejo, and Jasmin. All three are happy with their own life, Jasmin and Fateh love each other while Tejo is an ambitious girl. But destiny is unpredictable and it creates such a situation wherein Fateh has to marry Tejo and Jasmin has to separate from Fateh.

Check Udaariyaan Written Episode & Update 29-6-2021: Fateh Goes Along With Tejo To Her House

Later Jasmin decides to move on, but Fateh struggles even with his marriage life and Jasmin’s memories are hunting him. Well, in the recent episodes of the show, Jasmin says that she is concerned for her sister Tejo and not for Fateh. She pretending her concern for Tejo in front of her uncle and aunty. Her maternal uncle got trapped in her tears and starts consoling her. He calls Tejo, Jasmin overhears a happy conversation between Tejo and Fateh over the phone. Jasmin asks her mama to ask about what wrong with Fateh’s phone. But Mami takes the phone and tells her that she will talk to them later.

Mahi there asks Tejo to leave along with Fateh and recalls Tejo about her father’s commitment. Meanwhile, Gurpreet comes and asks Mahi to not lie. Mahi replies that she stops Khushbeer as she doesn’t want to get humiliated in this house again. Tejo again gets disappointed. Jasmin there starts arguing with her aunt. Mami gets angry and gives a tight slap to Jasmin. Mami says it is you that makes the whole family bow their heads. She asks her husband to call Jasmin’s father immediately.

But she cancels after she got remembered that it is Satti’s b’day. But Mama calls Rupy and tells him everything, he also scolds Jasmin. Rupy asks her aunt to slap her again if she misbehaves. Tejo is taking care of her in-laws. While Khusbeer is discussing business with his father. Tejo hears the conversation and asks about it. But Dadaji tells her to not interfere as you haven’t any idea about our business.

Later, Fateh and Tejo along go to Tejo’s house. Tejo suggests Fateh leave she will come later with Abhiraj. Otherwise, you will miss Jasmin. But Fateh says they come here together and will leave together. Tejo’s family get elated seeing Tejo and Fateh together. Fateh also takes Tejo name for the first time. The episode ends with Tejo is surprised. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further information regarding Udaariyaan written update.


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