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Check Who is Ethan Crumbley? Oxford School Shooting Video Instagram Post/ Image


In a recent piece of news, a boy aged 15 has been taken into custody following the tragic death of three students and eight others injured. As per reports, these deaths and injuries happened after a shooting took place on Tuesday afternoon at a high school in Oxford, Michigan. The incident shook the majority of people in the area. The authorities have stated that the shooting victims that were killed or injured in the shocking incident have been identified as Hann St. Julian, 14, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, and Tate Myre, 16. Get the details of the incident here.

who is Ethan Crumbley

Talking about the horrific incident, the authorities informed the media that the injured victims included seven students and one teacher. Due to getting shot, they are currently in critical condition and are getting treatment for their gunshot wounds. Apart from this, there is a 14-year-old girl who is on a ventilator after going through surgery. Another 14-year-old boy is also in extremely serious condition as the gunshot has wounded his jaw and head. Besides, three other students are in stable condition while the teacher who was also among the victims has been discharged already.

Who Is Ethan Crumbley?

It has come forward that the suspect is a 15-year-old child who happens to be a sophomore at the school. The officials have already detained him and he is currently kept at a juvenile detention facility. Sources claim that the boy has been placed on suicide watch and that the teenager was arrested two to three minutes after the authorities responded to the shooting. Oakland County Sheriff Micheal Bouchard has stated that the suspect came out of the bathroom carrying a 9MM semi-automatic handgun and then he went ahead firing around 15-20 shots in the south end of the school building. He was reported to be all alone.

However, the identity of the boy has not been disclosed by the police department as he is a juvenile. The Detroit News has described the shooter as a “bespectacled boy” who appeared in a local newspaper in 2017. According to the description, the boy was identified as Ethan Crumbley who happens to be a fifth-grader at that time at the international baccalaureate school. Ever since newspaper clipping came out, it has been going viral on various social media platforms.

Netizens seem to be in shock after learning about the shooter being a young boy. Besides, many people on Twitter are sharing posts with the caption “Return of the Devil”. Well, there is no doubt that plenty of the people are keenly waiting for something more from the boy and therefore everyone is praising him and supporting him which is leading fame in his life, let’s see what will he bring now. Stay tuned with us to catch all the latest updates on this.


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