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Check Why Japan Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Apparent Bomb Threat Full Video Footage


There is shocking news coming forward that a flight from Japan landed after getting a threat of an apparent bomb. This news went on on the internet and lots of social media users shared their responses to this news. This incident happened on Saturday 7 January 2023 and this is a worried news for everyone. This is a dangerous incident and here we are going to talk about how this all occurred, what happened to all passengers, and other topics related to this incident.

Japan Flight Makes Emergency Landing

According to NHK public broadcaster reported by citing police sources that an airplane flown by budget carrier Jetstar landed in central Japan by an emergency call on Saturday 7 January 2023. This emergency landing occurred after receiving an apparent bomb threat from an international caller and this call was received by authorities. The airport of Tokyo’s Narita received a call at around 6:20 pm. There is a man from Germany on the call who says that he had put a bomb on the aircraft and he said this in English. A spokesperson of CNN tells that this domestic flight is going to fly from Narita to the southwestern city of Fukuoka was diverted to Chubu airport. All the passengers and crew members got exhausted from that plane.

They released some footage of passengers evacuating the plane via emergency chutes and only around five people got minor injuries while leaving the aircraft as per reports of NHK. Pictures on the social media pages of the time of this incident show that an Airbus A320 which was operated by Jetstar with chutes deployed and passengers evacuated around the aircraft. The plane contains a total of 136 passengers and 6 crew members and now they all are safe. The person on the call said that he have set 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of plastic explosives in the cargo of the aircraft but there is nothing found in that plane where he also demanded to speak with the manager or he would set off them.

All the flights had resumed and the incident is going to bring in an investigation. This investigation is continuing and they are searching for him who calls and shared this dangerous fake news. There are many news is coming forward related to apparent bomb threats and sometimes the plane was hijacked by terrorists. To read more articles related to other news topics and the latest news of the daily world then stay connected to the socialtelecast.com website.


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