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Chinese Food Blogger Fatty Goes To Africa aka Gan Soujiong Stabbed To Death By Rival Influencer


While live streaming from Nepal, a well-known Chinese street food blogger was fatally stabbed by a rival blogger from his own nation. The deceased, named as Gan Soujiong, was better known to his internet followers as “Fatty Goes to Africa.” The news has gained everyone’s attention as it has surfaced all over the internet. It has become a hot topic since netizens are discussing it on social media platforms. People are shocked to learn that these kinds of incidents can also happen. Read the complete information about the news in the article below.

Chinese Food Blogger Fatty Goes To Africa aka Gan Soujiong Stabbed To Death By Rival Influencer

Chinese Food Blogger Gan Soujiong Stabbed To Death

According to the New York Post, the event occurred on December 4 as Gan Soujiong and two pals were strolling through the crowded Indra Chowk market in Kathmandu while live streaming when the camera was abruptly cut off by unsettling screams and frenzied shaking. Then the screen goes black. The entire scenario, as well as the blogger sitting in the middle of a roadway covered in blood, was uploaded live.

Despite being brought to a hospital, he passed away from the chest and abdominal injuries. His friend also had serious stomach injuries and was hospitalized. In yet another video, Gan is shown grasping his stomach, lying on the ground, inspecting the wound, and gesturing to a phone in an apparent attempt to summon assistance. According to the accounts, Gan was stabbed with a knife by his adversary, 37-year-old Feng Zhengyung, who also attacked Gan’s companion.

Feng Zhengyung was detained by Nepali police in relation to the homicide. According to reports, the accused, Feng Zhengyung, is a Chinese blogger. According to Dailymail, he and Soujiong were involved in a number of unidentified disagreements and unpaid obligations. Five million Chinese people followed Soujiong, who has now passed away, because of his posts about international cuisine and cultures.

Feng Zhengyung, the defendant, said that the blogger had caused him several “various unspecified conflicts and unresolved bills,” which had made him furious. According to the Post, Mr. Soujiong used his social media platforms to introduce his approximately 5 million Chinese fans to the cuisine and cultures of other countries. It is no doubt to say that the news has surfaced all over social media and has garnered everyone’s attention. For more updates, follow Social Telecast. Stay connected with us and get the latest and trending news.


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