Home Entertainment Choti Sardaarni Today’s Written Update 23rd July 2021: Trilochan Passes Away

Choti Sardaarni Today’s Written Update 23rd July 2021: Trilochan Passes Away


The opening sequence of Choti Sardarrni starts with Kulwant says it would be difficult to trust you. Meher says you committed numerous crimes including killing Manav, tried to kill Sarab, Karan, and Param. She says but even after all the sins you committed, I am still ready to forget the past. She asks Kulwant if she has the courage to forget the past and remove all the hatred from her heart for her family. She says if she can purify her heart for Trilocahn. Kulwant starts sobbing and pleads with Meher to take her to Kulwant.

Choti Sardaarni Today's Written Update 23rd July 2021: Trilochan Passes Away

Meher gets agreed and take her to Kulwant. Meher tells her that now he looks even more handsome. Seher, there is talking with Trilochan and says that her mother keeps talking about you with us. Meanwhile, Sarabjeet comes there with food and asks Trilocahn to have some food. But still, Trilochan chants the name of Kulwant and says I am starving where are you?

At the same time, Kulwant comes out wearing a pink traditional outfit. Kulwant was shocked to hear Trilochan’s voice. Kulwant pretends to complain about mixing water with the milkman. Kulwant enters the room and Trilochan looks at Kulwant.

Trilochan says Kulwant, my queen and his eyes gets moist. Trilochan says I told you that I will come back someday. Meher cries seeing their reunion after 25 years. Kulwant says that I am spending my entire life as a widow. Trilochan reveals that it was Sarabjeet Singh Gill who pressurizes the jailer to release me. Meher gets emotional and tears come out of her eyes. Trilochan asks Meher if she knows about this man. Trilochan then recognizes Meher and tells Kulwant that she is our Meher.

Kulwant breaks down in tears in front of Sarabjeet and appreciates her. Kulwant says this is Sarabjit Singh Gill the man who brought you home back. Trilochan says that he is glad that her daughter married such a grateful man. All the kids meet Trilochan and the family gets happy. Meher starts Bhangra and starts dancing around Trilochan.

Kulwant is preparing Halwa for Trilochan and says both father and daughter make me remember the good old days. Trilochan appreciates Kulwant says there is none like my wife. Trilochan then asks about Jagga just then Yuvika says that her father has gone to God. Trilochan is aghast hearing this and gets collapsed. Everyone gathered around Trilochan and he passes away in the arms of Kulwant.


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