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Choti Sardaarni Written Episode 6th July 2021 Update: Karan And Param’s Fight


The first sequence of Choti Sardarni starts with Param asks Karan to go in as he is really disturbed. He says I was also disturbed when your father set off my Gita aunty from her job. Param takes his ball away, but Karan goes after it. Seher comes to them and asks why are quarrelling. Karan says we can never be friends. Seher tries to understand them and asks them to don’t fight as their parents will get more hurt. Sarab there says I look my mother into you and you betrayed me.

Choti Sardaarni Written Episode 6th July 2021 Update: Karan And Param's Fight

Just then Meher comes there and asks Sarab that Daarji is alone you better go and look him once. Param is recalling Kulwant’s words that Meher is more toward Karan than him. Karan also gets provoked recalling Kulwant’s words and hit Param. They both started fighting each other recalling Kulwant’s words. Kulwant there is enjoying their fight. Just then Meher and Sarab comes there and tries to stop them.

Meher stunned to see them fighting like enemies. Param lashes out at Meher and says you love Karan more as I ain’t your real son. Meher looks at him shockingly. Karan and Param arguing with each other Seher cries. Seher loses her cool and yells at both of them that no need to talk to my mother and father. Param and Karan leave. Meher is aghast seeing what is going on in this house.

Sarab says that it feels like he is at one’s wits end, but Meher encourages him and says we had faced many big problems than this. They go into the house and pretending like they are fighting. Meher yells that she will see you Param’s father. Sarab their counter her and says you can’t di anything Karan’s mother.

Seher along with Karan and Param come there and amazed to see what is going on. Sarab signs Seher that they are faking all this. Karan goes to Meher and starts pulling the rope, Sarab asks Param to come and help him. both the kids encourage Sarab and Meher. Just then Sarab falls down and says Karan won, but Meher says that she lost to Param. They both argued, Sarab says Karan has got the watch.

While, Meher says Param got the same. Param and Karan are still angry, they take their watch and leave from there. Meher says that watches have an inbuilt tracker and we always keep our eyes on both of them. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7:30 PM and watch the complete episode. Never miss Choti Sardarni written update with Social Telecast.


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