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Choti Sardarni 8th July 2021 Written Episode: Param Along with Karan and Seher go to suicide point


In the first sequence of Choti Sardarni, Karan calls Kulwant and complains to her that Param broke his tooth. Kulwant sends him a coin and informs him about his plan to screw Param. On another side, Kulwant is also instigating Param against each other. Sarab there is immensely tensed about what all happening in his house. He tells Meher that everything is falling apart and he is failing to figure out all the things. Seher looks on, she later encourages Sarab that we have to face all things to unite this house.

Meher and Sarab come together with a plan but it didn’t work. However, they manage to put on a watch with an inbuilt tracker. They both leaves and Meher is keeping eye on the kids along with the help of the tracker. Meher tries to connect the link and inwardly thinks when Gita got fired, she also gives a watch to Gita, Meher says she must contact along with the person who ordered her to create a problem here. Sarab goes to the servant room to check the CCTV footage.

Choti Sardarni

Kulwant there tells her plan to Param, meanwhile, Gita comes there. Meher comes there and says this is the operating room of Gita, she says she wore a dress like Taiji to trap her with the footage. She says now she has proof that Taiji didn’t do anything. He asks Sarab to bring back Taiji first. Kulwant is giving a reward to Gita and asks where did you get this watch, she asks if you steal it, Gita chuckles. Just then Yuvi comes there and says Dadi flee from here promptly Police comes to arrest you. Just then two Police constables come there and arrest her. Meher says now we have evidence against you, Kulwant tries to protect her.

Sarab asks Gita to reveal the name who ordered you to do all that, otherwise, you will be in Jail for a murder case. Sarab tries to take Gita in confidence and Gita is about to accept the things, but Kulwant interrupts her by luring her with money. Gita takes the complete blame on herself and saved Kulwant. The Police take Gita in their custody and Kulwant flaunts. Meher figures out that it was Kulwant provoking their kids against each other. Just then someone informs that Param is not in school, he left his watch in the class and heading to suicide point. Meher and Sarab get tensed. Karan and Seher are also there and Meher and Sarab trying to find them. The episode ends, get the complete Choti Sardarni Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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