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Choti Sardarni Latest Written Episode 2nd October 2020: Manav’s Feelings For Meher Has Awaken


The latest episode of Choti Sarddarni, the hit show of Colors’ TV starts off with Kulwant, Meher’s mother who remembers that the one she stabbed must have a deep mark on his back. Vikram stands up to leave making Aditi follow him but the former stops her from coming. After reading the bathroom, Manav walks down the memory lane and think about his past life where he was brutally killed by her lover’s mother and evil brothers but Aditi’s face comes in front who reminds him that he has a new family to look after and can’t just travel past and thanks Meher in his head for praying for his health.

Choti sardarni Latest Episode

Manav’s mind convinces him to go back to his first love, Meher so he informs Aditi that he would be back after a while as some work has come his way. Seema gets worried and questions Manav about it but he brushes off the topic and leaves. Martha on another side has a conversation with her Massi who asks her about Angel’s condition. All of a sudden Angel screams loudly for her phone. Meher asks Martha about Angel who tells her that She is her mother and Angel, unfortunately, got herself in an accident which resulted in her losing her legs.

Martha sadly tells her that Angel has even forgotten how to smile in the process and she would be delighted if she sees her smiling. Meher goes to Saraband requests him if they can do something to make her laugh. Param back in India has been kidnapped where the kidnappers are trying to connect his parents. At last, they connect Harleen and ask her to give the ransom of 50 crores to get Param safe. She agrees. Meher tells Martha that she could get Angel treated in India.

Martha tells her to go away as everyone just gives her false hopes and nothing works out but Meher insists on which Martha replies that she is just giving her a chance and if nothing happened then she will throw both of them out. Meher agrees. In the upcoming episode, Meher will try preparing a paste-like medicine to apply to Angel’s legs trying to not wake her up as the latter is sleeping soundly but to her bad luck, Angel gets up just then. Choti Sarddarni’s next update is going to be very interesting so stay tuned for more updates.




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