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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 5th July 2021: Daarji Throws Amrit Out Of House Written Update


In the recent episode of Choti Sardarni, we have watched that Sarab comes to Gita to stop her. She says that she is chopping the vegetable. Meher says we don’t any kind of explanation. Sarab says that you only managed to hide only one camera but we still have more. He plays the video, Meher asks why did you play the video. Sarab asks her for a reply. Gita falls to Amrit’s feet and pleads for an apology. She says you take advantage of my poverty and compelled me to do all this. She says you bribed me, Sarab is hearing Gita.

Choti Sardarni Today's Episode 5th July 2021: Daarji Throws Amrit Out Of House Written Update

Gita further says Amrit planned all this to blame Meher and send her to jail. She also informed Sarab that she helped Karan eloping from home. Just then Meher comes there and says it would be wrong if we blame our elders. Harleen asks Gita if she has any evidence which can prove her words. She shows something on her phone. Everyone gets stunned seeing that, Gita shows a video wherein Amrit throws the naked wire in the pool and Param got a heavy shock. Daarji gets furious and recalls that Karan was right.

Daarji you scold Amrit and asks if you tried to kill my grandson. But Sarab tells Daarji to ask Gita why did she record all this thing. Amrit again tries to prove herself innocent, but Sarab says all the evidence are pointing against you. Amrit again tries to put the entire blame on Meher. Daarji comes to her says enough is enough now. Daarji decides to throw Amrit out of the house. Meher still tries to defend the Amrit, but Sarab says things are over now.

Daarji there packed the stiff of Taiji, she comes to him sobbing. Meher requests Meher to stop all this. She says Amrit couldn’t do this, Sarab says the evidence is saying itself. Amrit comes along with her bag. Param asks if she is going somewhere. She again tries to instigate Param by saying that Meher throws me out of this house as she got to know that she loves him more than Karan. Kulwant is enjoying everything going on in Sarab’s house. Harleen and Dolly try to stop Amrit, but Amrit leaves the house taunting Meher. Stay connected with Social Telecast for further Choti Sardarni Written Updates.


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