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Chotti Sardarni 13th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Sarab Misunderstood Meher


The first sequence of Chotti Sardarni opens with Sarab is saying to Param that he is here. Param holds Sarab’s hand while Meher tries to console him and says it was just a bad dream. Sarab says Param is terror-stricken. Meher asks him to take Param to the temple, but Sarab interrupts her and says Param will wake up. Taiji there is praising Meher as she is handling all of her responsibilities very well. Sarab asks her don’t overthink much, he is glad that everyone is safe in the family. Sarab says that he is just tensed for Param that he will become a secondary choice.

Karan is asking for sweets, Meher asks him to enjoy them with his siblings. Karan says he doesn’t want to eat along with them. Seher tells that Papa says we will be stronger if we united. Meanwhile, Sarab comes to Meher and asks for Param’s mark sheet. Meher says it is along with the rest of the documents, but why are you asking for it. Meantime, Param asks Sarab to don’t disclose anything to them. Sarab then says he needs to have some words along with you.

Chotti Sardarni Written Episode

Meher and Sarab go to talk, Sarab says whatever happened affected all the kids, especially Param. Sarab says Param is suffering a lot and that is why he decides to enrol him in a boarding school. Meher says you are sending him away from everyone. Meher tells Sarab that you took this huge decision without telling me. Sarab says Param wants to go boarding school, Meher says he just a kid. Sarab says he wants to get rid of all of this. He further says Param will be happy there along with Khushi.

Seher overhears the conversation and asks if Param is going to the hostel. Karan says it would be better that he stays away from me and Meher will only love me. Meher says kids need family in such hard times, but Sarab says my Param will be fine there. Meher asks why is he continuously saying my Param doesn’t belong to me. Sarab says if he belongs to you, you should have saved both the kids. He says Seher told me that you saved only Karan and left Param to die. Meher is aghast and starts weeping, she asks Sarab to believe her, but Sarab leaves. Seher comes to Meher and asks her to stop Param otherwise he will leave us. The episode ends, get all the further Chotti Sardarni written updates here at Social Telecast.


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