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Chotti Sardarni 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Karan Is About To Disclose The Truth


In the recent episodes of Chotti Sardarni, we are watching Karan goes along with Geeta. He is remembering all the moments he spends with his family. Kulwant tells Karan that this family doesn’t deserve you and asks him to sit in the car. The taxi driver asks Karan about his parents, Karan replies no one is with him and asks the driver to start the car. Just then Meher and Sarab wake up and find Karan missing. Everyone starts finding Karan. Sarab goes to check CCTV cameras. Everyone gets worried for Karan.

Karan reached the railway station and think about his grandmother. He is bemused in taking the train, meanwhile, his bag falls down and money falls from his bag, some of the bullies noticed it. Karan goes to the counter and buys a ticket. The bullies start following Karan to rob him. A mess is going on in Sarab’s house for Karan. While Sarab is yelling at security guards, Daarji asks them to find Karan at highways and bus stands. He asks Sarab to go Police station. Dolly is getting happy that Karan left, she thinks it would be better if Karan never comes back.

Chotti Sardarni Written Episode




Karan sits on the train and looking the kids along with their parents. Just then one of the passengers asks Karan about his parents. Another passenger asks where is he going alone. At the same time, the bullies snatch Karan’s bag and Karan runs after them. The passengers decide to inform the police about Karan. Meher and Sarab get to know about Karan and they rush to the Police station. While Karan is struggling to take his bag back Police arrives there. All the bullies run away from there and Karan hides in a loo.

Bittu informs Karan that he isn’t getting Karan, Kulwant asks him to find him anyhow otherwise I won’t spare you. Kulwant again calls Karan but while picking up the call his phone drops in the toilet and suddenly the door gets locked. Karan shouts for help.

Meher and Sarab reach the railway station and find Karan’s cloth. They both start crying, Bittu informs the same Kulwant. Karan somehow comes out from the loo and jumped out of the train to search for his phone. He notices his phone in the hand of a kid, he takes his phone, but at the same time, a train is approaching him. Sarab reaches there at the same time and saves Karan.

Karan is shivering, Meher and Sarab pamper him. Karan asks you abandoned me when I was kidnapped and refused to give money to the kidnappers. They were going to shoot me, then why you saved me today. Meher and Sarab shocked to hear that and asks who kidnapped you. Kulwant is tensed. The episode ends, never miss any Chotti Sardarni Written Update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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