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Chris Caserta Dead Or Alive? Presumed to Be Dead? Where Is He Right Now?


A 26 years old jockey named Chris Caserta has been fetching the attention of Queensland since he went missing when he had gone for a night swim on Gold Cost. Later, when he lost contact with all his family filed a missing complaint of Chris Caserta and the Police Queensland Police authority and they started the investigation wherein the authority come up with some of the details, that he went to Gold Coast for a night swim at around 10 PM along with trackwork rider Amy Graham with the purpose of swim at Surfer’s Paradise. Get more information regarding Chris Caserta Dead or Alive.

Chris Caserta dead or alive?

It also comes to know that the trackwork rider survived at the shore and managed to return, but Jockey Caserta didn’t return so far. According to the reports, Graham was admitted to Gold Coast University Hospital by sightseers and was supposed to be recovered completely. On another hand, the Queensland Police authority is considering Caserta dead due to assumption of circumstances. The people who admitted Graham to the hospital didn’t spot Caserta no way near the seashore. The author is still looking for Caserta.

Even after a brief investigation, the police authority was still unable to find him or even recover his body for a satisfying investigation. The authority is considering him dead even without founding his body, although, authority is assuring that they will continue the investigation of finding the jockey at the Gold Coast. Most of the people are believed that Caserta failed to survive in the ocean and won’t return now. All of his family members are spending days in fear, they hope every day that their son will return soon, but as of now there is no clue of Caserta found by the police.

The authority also combined with the Gold Coast authority finding Caserta on jet skis and ATV’s. Along with that, the rescue chopper is on search continuously. After analyzing the pros and cons of the circumstances Police said that Caserta has no chance of survival. As per one of the statements wherein, the authorities issued that there is no chance of Caserta finding alive, they are now focused on finding his corpse.

The information has been stated by Gold Coast Water Police and Search Commander Senior Sergeant Jay Notaro said “Unfortunately, I had the heartbreaking duty of notifying Chris’s parents that this is not a search and rescue for Chris.” We will get back to you with additional information soon. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.


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