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Chris Eubank’s Son Sebastian Dies In Dubai: Cause Of Death Age Net Worth Last Images


A piece of sorrowful and awful news is creating havoc on the internet as the very famous and young boxer has turned into an MMA star in Dubai named Sebastian Eubank who passed away at 29 in Dubai. The star has left his wife, Kid, father, and siblings behind. The worse thing about his death is that he is about to turn 30 soon. As per the sources, it has come to the front that he died due to drowning in water.

Chris Eubank's Son Sebastian Dies In Dubai: Cause Of Death Age Net Worth Last Images

Sebastian was the third child of one of the most famous and well-known boxers Chris Eubank. He entered the world of boxing by following his father and brother’s steps. Just a month before he became a father of a baby boy whom he named Raheem. Sebastian was living in Dubai for a while with his wife Salma, he used to live in Hove, England but he made his life in Dubai where he became the leader of plenty more things including lifestyle and some other as well.

No doubt that he was going to be one of the finest boxers as he is the son of professional and legendry boxer Chris Eubank and following his father’s steps into the industry he made his debut in February 2018 where he defeated a polish fighter named Kamil Kulczyk. After that, the boxer started to get into the limelight and then settled in Dubai, where he was a leader in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and of alternative therapies. His death news has devasted his family as you can check on the internet.

His elder brother uploaded a picture of him where he wrote that his younger brother has passed away and it is just like a phenomenon that we are hearing this and this is still unbelievable that he is not with us. He further stated that he will take care of Sebastian’s son not like a nephew but like his own son and will do everything that his brother wanted to do for his family. According to the reports, it seems that Sebastian wanted to keep his personal life hide so that nothing can affect his married and personal life. The boxer was about to turn 30 this July and his death news has shaken his family and fans as well. Our condolences are with his family, we pray that his soul rests in peace.


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