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Claudio da Passano Gallo Cause of Death What Happened With Him Dies At 56


In recent news, Claudio da Passano Gallo has passed away. He played a crucial role in the film titled “Argentina, 1985”. Now, it is coming forward that the artist died at the age of 65. The saddening piece of news has come to the front and has resulted in everyone getting shattered. No one seems to believe the fact that Claudio has died. Tributes have poured in for the actor on social media ever since the news broke on the internet. Here, in this article, let us find out what happened to him.

Claudio da Passano Gallo

The Argentine Association of Actors released a statement on social media. It was written that they are bidding farewell to actor Claudio Da Passano with great pain and went on to write that he carried out extensive and outstanding work in theater, film, and, television. “Our condolences to his partner, actress Malena Figo, family, and, friends, embracing them on this hard time”, the organization wrote further. After the news surfaced on the internet, people rushed to social media to pay him heartfelt tributes. Ricardo Darin, the actor’s famous colleague and protagonist of the film, mourned his death as well.

Taking to Twitter, Ricardo wrote that how can anyone bear the sadness of having to say goodbye so early and that he hopes the emotion of celebrating their work accompanies you on this trip. He further added that he is destroyed and grateful to have met him and called him a great companion. Victor Hugo Morales, the Uruguayan journalist, and sports narrator, although based in Argentina said that he was destroyed during the broadcast of his radio program. He recalled his figure and said that the famous author of the nickname “Cosmic Kite” to refer to Diego Armando Maradon.

It is no doubt to say that the sudden death of the actor has saddened many. His fans and well-wishers are expressing their heartfelt sadness about his sudden demise and are talking about it on social media. Currently, the internet has become the place where the actor’s death is getting discussed. However, his death cause has not been revealed yet. Neither his family nor his team has come to the front and has shared anything about it so it remains unknown. However, some sources claim that Claudio was suffering from a short illness that eventually snatched his life. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more such updates and the latest news.


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