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Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani CRKR Today’s Episode 15th August 2021: Ppppaah Sham feet


The quite overwhelming TV reality show of Star Vijay Television called Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani (CRKR) is bringing many enthusiastic twists along with a commendable hilarious angel. That will make you giggle for sure and you will not able to shift your mind from the contestants while streaming the show. Because through the coming episode it’s going to be super amazing, so just prepare yourself to watch it. The show is most popular towards the south side because “Laughter is the best medicine” and this is the reason behind the success of the show, so get to know more check the details below.

Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani

The recent episode will start with the hilarious activities of the contestants where the host announces the task under which a male contestant has to wear a balloon costume, and their female partners have to burst them. So you can suppose who will the episode be amazing because their actions and reactions make the viewers laugh. So this time they will bang, and as per the many speculations, numerous people are searching the details about the episode. So that, they can reduce their curiosity for a while, because still a few hours pending in the telecast.

When the contestants start playing the task judges also will not be able to stop giggling, because everyone is waiting for something amazing, and finally it has arrived. At the same time, the Host asks a few questions to both contestants, and if the female partner gives correct answers so she can make the ballon burst through the stick. So male contestants are also ready to give their best so that, female contestants can not hit them with the stick. Because if their shot gets missed so it the make partners can hurt, so before beating they will have to make sure that only Ballon burst.

The exclusive promo has been liberated by the makers, in which you can stream the activities of the contestants. Because makers know that numerous people are eagerly waiting for the episode, so that, they can make their weekend fantabulous. Hence they are unable to wait for more but it will telecast at the correct schedule as the channel gave them. So we have mentioned appropriate details here, keeping the curiosity of the viewers in our mind. So this time, they are ready to bang on the screen so do not miss watching it at the correct time and for more details stay connected with us.


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