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Coolest CGI dragons from some of the most popular tv series


Visual effects in movies, video games, and art are created using computer-generated imagery (CGI). It drastically altered the way movies were made when it first came out in 1973. We’ll look at a few of the best television CGI dragons in this piece. It is clear that CGI has advanced greatly throughout the years and is still doing so.

Drogon – Game of Thrones

Drogon was one of three dragons hatched and imprinted onto Daenerys Targaryen before her invasion to reclaim the Iron Throne. He was the largest and most violent, and he was a tough beast to tame even as a child. He is constructed as lifelike as possible using CGI technology, and he is a genuine beast. Every detail has been perfected so that the dragon is flawless in every way. More effects similar to Drogon’s can be found in various dragon-themed games such as Merkur Games‘ Dragon’s Treasure.

Eborsisk – Willow

Willow Ufgood was startled by a troll during the battle of Tir Asleen. He used Cherlindrea’s wand to change it into something else, resulting in a two-headed mass of flesh. He flung it into the moat. The water began to boil, and soon after, a fully grown Eborsisk emerged, frightening both Madmartigan and the Nockmaar troops pursuing Elora Danan. The Eborsisk and its flames wreaked devastation on everyone until Madmartigan leapt on one of its heads and stabbed it with his sword. The monster was killed when the head burst due to its inability to breathe fire.

Due to the CGI effects, it looks like something out of a nightmare. With drooping mounds of flesh and twisted maws that are unlike anything else in the Willow universe.

Smaug – The hobbit

It was definitely worth it to be patient until the second Hobbit movie was finally released in theaters. The audience could get a first-hand look at the terrifying power that Smaug has. The menacing presence of this dragon, which was as cunning as it was powerful and lethal, was brought to life on the big screen by Peter Jackson and his fellow filmmakers. Smaug’s fury, greed, and savagery were amplified thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch‘s superb voice acting and the advanced use of CGI technology, giving him all he needed to shock and gain the audience’s respect.

Hungarian Horntail – Harry Potter

One of the most fearsome dragons in Harry Potter is the Hungarian Horntail. This quick and nimble flyer can travel at speeds of more than 200 mph while breathing fire 50 feet in the air. Horntails have a well-deserved reputation for being very violent animals, especially when defending their young. This CGI dragon has the lizard-like appearance, horned head, and spiky tail that are distinguishing features of classic dragon representations. It also offers one of the most suspenseful passages in The Goblet of Fire as a bonus.

Vermithrax Pejorative – Dragonslayer

Dragons were not very prevalent in movies throughout the 1980s, and even fewer films were successful in capturing the spirit of the beast as well as the Dragonslayer. The computer-generated image of a monster dragon named Vermithrax Pejorative lent credence to a distinct genre. Approximately one fourth of the film’s budget was eaten up by the special effects that were necessary to bring Vermithrax to life. The dragon was so well-liked that it influenced the designs of dragons in following works by notable artists such as Guillermo del Toro and George R.R. Martin.


The quality of the effects keeps becoming better thanks to advanced technology, to the point that it may sometimes be hard to tell the difference between an animation and real life.


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