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Watch: Cynthia Villar Video Viral On Twitter And Reddit


A video that is getting viral and creating buzz all over the net is related to Senator Cynthia. Yes, people are eager to know why her video getting viral and spreading like fire. What she said in the video and if any other thing happen in the video. Have you watched the video and why it’s going viral if not we will tell you about this we collect the information about this video by scrounging the web and with deep studying. To know more about this video please scroll down the page and continue to read.

The netizen who are talking about the video which getting viral and circulating all over the net is related to Senator Cynthia Villar. we will talk about this video and also what will be the impact of this video will be on people.

Cynthia Villar Video video viral on social media platforms

What was the reaction and statement that come out related to this video from Senator we will all talk about so let’s get started. This video is getting viral because the senator responded to the answer and alleged the person who recorded her confrontation secretly. To know more details about this follow us and drag down the page and continue to read.

In the video, we can see her confrontation of her which is related to the subdivision in Las Pinas. this video is recorded secretly and gets viral on the net. After being viral this video Senator responded to this video. She said publicly that she is going to peruse legal action against the person who reportedly recorded her video during a confrontation in Las Pinas as she thinks that individual had bad intent. Senator said that they are planning this and that it’s okay. Now you made it this publicly so get ready for the punishments publicly and you have to accept all these things.

Talking about the incident, that happened in BF Resort Village which has a pending case for denying to follow local legislation. In addition, the senator also said the court had released a restraining order against the decision of the owners of the homes not to let those from Las Pinas pass through the roadway inside the BF Resort Village. She says that it happens because they don’t want that there is build a sidewalk. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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