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Cyrus Baxter Death Due To Car Accident Dies At 24 Ebonie Baxter Confirmed The News


The quite shocking incident is reported from Georgia where the Lawrenceville family is going through trauma after losing their son Cyrus Baxter, he has passed away on 9th September 2021 due to a road accident and ever since, his family gets too familiar with the news a wave of grief surrounded them. Because his sudden demise was too unexpected and it left everyone shocked, his mother confirmed his death through social media. Everyone who is close to him paying the tribute to him and praying for his family because they lost their young one, get to know brief details such as wiki-bio, net worth, Instagram, family, etc, check the details below.

Cyrus Baxter Death

Cyrus Baxter Death

As per the exclusive reports, the Baxter family is too popular on social media especially on Instagram because more them 1.1 million people are following them. So now everyone is curious to get essential details about him, so Cyrus Bater is a son of Ebonie Baxter and Byron Baxter, he considers his mother as his ideal and he used to follow her. Because she is the one who supported him in every field of his life, hence, he had the special corner for his mother but unfortunately, he is no longer among us.

It is being said, Cyrus Baxter was not too old he was just 24 years old and due to a tragic incident, he left the world, he had a relationship with his girlfriend called Deja Hart. According to his Wikipedia, Cyrus has three siblings and reportedly his youngest Sibling called Bryon Baxter is just a 5-years-old and suffering from the rare and dangerous bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. His father maintains thair YouTube channel called The Baxter Boys where more than 122k people have subscribed to their channel, they have created it officially in July 2018.

As soon as his demise news took place on social media his all fans broke down in tears because they lost their favourite idol at just a young age. Therefore, they started paying tribute to him through social media, hence, Twitter has been flooded with deep condolences messages. Because nowadays, due to ongoing pandemic circumstances there are very hard chances that the security forces will allow anyone to visit his residence. Therefore they are paying tribute him through Twitter because it is only the platform where they can express their feelings. So may God give his soul rest in peace (RIP)


  1. My deepest condolences to the Baxter family my heart is extremely sad for any hardship that you are going through because y’all are such great parents. Excellent parents and I’m so so sorry that this tragedy has happened to your son. I pray that God will send his Earthly angels to comfort you during your time of sadness my deepest condolences to each and everyone of you.

  2. You should correct this.

    His girlfriend Deja should not be givrn sympathy like this article incorrectly portrays. Straight from Cyrus Mothers Mouth we know Deja was on the phone on video when he crashed, watched him injur himself and never called police or his mother. Shame on her.

    • This is whats acceptable these days. Did you ever see the movie “Idiocracy”? Aka This life. “Welcome to Costco… I love you”

    • He was Byron’s son because he took care of him, loved him & married his mother. He called him dad so he was his son! How rude.

  3. My deepest condolences. I too knows your hurt because we loss or 6month old grandson on August 4, 2021 to heart failure. WE LOVE YOUR family and praying for strength and healing

    • Im very sorry to hear about your tragedy too , ms. sims. You might not be a social media celebrity but your lose is prayed for all the same. My God bless your family


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