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Cyrus Mistry Tata Sons Ex Chairman Car Accident Video Images Photos Near Mumbai


Cyrus Mistry, the successor of Ratan Tata as Chairman of Tata Sons is no longer among his close ones and admirers, as he was killed in a tragic car crash in Maharashtra’s Palghar on Sunday, 4th September 2022. As soon as the news of his untimed departure is getting circulated on social media uncounted started expressing their deep sorrow, as no one had even imagined that he will leave the globe in a certain manner. Hence, a strange wave of grief surrounded his close ones and admirers, as nothing is more painful than seeing the departure of our favorite one.

Cyrus Mistry Tata Sons Ex Chairman

As per the exclusive reports or sources, at the time of breathed last Cyrus Mistry was only 54 and traveling from Gujarat’s Udwada to Mumbai in Mercedes. The incident was too frightening as goosebumps appeared on those hands who became the witness to the life-threatening accident. Therefore, without any ado, the concerned authorities had been informed so that, they could come and investigate the case while bringing Cyrus for medical treatment. But unfortunately, he lost his life as long as the police department reached there, even the condition of his car was speaking out everything about how bad the accident was.

Who Was Cyrus Mistry?

54-year-old, Cyrus Mistry was an Indian-born Irish businessman. He was the former chairperson of the Tata Group, who held the post during 2012-2016, and was the 6th chairman of the group. He was selected by the experienced panel as the chairman and he lived up to the expectation of everyone, as he managed everything amazingly. He was born on 4th July 1968 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India (now Mumbai), and unfortunately, his unfortunate departure took place on 4th September 2022 he completed his alma mater from Imperial College London Business School. But now, no more among us which is a matter of great sadness.

Apart from all these, the picture of the tragedy is speaking out about everything that mismanaged the remains of the silver Mercedes and the incident took place in the Charoti area of Palghar, 135 kilometers from Mumbai at the time of colliding with the divider. The car has been destroyed to such an extent but sent to his close ones along with the dead body of an integral part of their family. But till now, his family did not make any statement yet regarding the accident, so if something comes out we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us.


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