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DaBaby Calls Cops On His Baby’s Mother DaniLeigh Charged With Assault Check Details


The quite popular rapper DaBaby is remaining the subject of discussion on social media again, ever since a video has appeared on some social networking sites. He booted his toddler Mama from his residence while, she was trying to serve their newborn baby before making the call to the cops in a nasty fight captured on video. Whoever saw the video got shocked because such actions have been done by both, which seemed not appropriate enough. This is the reason their video is catching the heat on social networking sites, get to know more check the details given below along with some untold facts.

DaBaby Calls Cops On His Baby's Mother DaniLeigh Charged With Assault Check Details

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the rapper has recorded part of some sort of Argument Sunday between him and singer DaniLeigh- who has been appearing on and off for the previous handful of years. Both have recently been blessed with baby-girl, but hitherto everything is unclear behind their clash because no reports have been made from their side, regarding the matter. Therefore both are remaining the hot topic among their admirers due to such actions which they have done during their ugly spat, even concerned department did not say anything.

DaBaby & DaniLeigh Matter Explained

It is being reported, that in the video DaniLeigh has given her statement to the concerned department that she is getting hurt so please stop as soon as possible, because it is not appropriate enough. Meanwhile, she took her phone and made a call to the concerned department, she gave her emotional speech to the corps by saying that she was getting kicked out of Dababy’s house in North Carolina, and nothing she has nowhere to go. Many reactions have been shared by the users who saw their video because recently it was setting social media on fire.

As per the statement of DaBaby, that he tried explaining what was the circumstances during their fight through his IG statement, which was mostly rambling. Meanwhile, mentioned that he is a victim in the case but his spouse is claiming a different story, because of which, their admirers are also confused because, both sides’ statement is surrounding social media. In short, the exact truth will take some time because the investigation is going on through the concerned department, so you will have to wait for more because all reports are claiming different stories.


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