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Darshan Solanki Cause of Death? First-year Student of B.Tech in Chemical Engineering at IIT-Bombay


Darshan Solanki was a first-year student of B.Tech in Chemical Engineering at IIT-Bombay. On 12 February, He committed suicide by jumping off the seventh floor of a hostel building. His family belongs from Ahmedabad in Gujarat and they belong to the Dalit community. Police have arrested a suspect as an IIT Bombay student’s suicide case has taken a new turn. It had been almost two months since an IIT Bombay student died by suicide but no suspect was arrested by the investigating officers. Recently, the Mumbai police updated that in the Dalit student Darshan Solanki’s case, the suspect has been taken into custody.

Who was Darshan Solanki?

Well, people have been scrolling through news articles to see who is the arrested person. Who did this crime? Likewise, many questions are on the mind of people about this headline. In the following article, you will get to learn all the aspects regarding this case.
The person who got arrested on charges of abutment of suicide is Armaan Iqbal Khatri. After a special investigation team investigating the suicide case of IIT Bombay Dalit student Darshan Solanki, Mumbai Police arrested Armaan Iqbal Khatri on charges of abutment of suicide. This event happened on April 9′ 2023, Sunday.

Darshan Solanki Cause of Death?

After Mumbai police recovered a suicide note written by Darshan Solanki, they arrested the suspect. The Dalit student of IIT Bombay wrote in the note that “Armaan Iqbal Khatri has killed him”. The note was recovered by the police from Darshan Solanki’s hostel room. Police filed a case under Section 306 of the IPC and relevant sections of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Act,1989, after finding the suicide note.

However, the Police mentioned that Armaan Iqbal Khatri was not cooperating in custody. Mumbai police have also quoted that “after the investigation, the SIT has revealed that one of the reasons behind his suicide is caste remarks on him”. Also, the inquiry committee set up by the IITB has ruled out caste-based discrimination and hinted at deteriorating academic performance as a possible cause of suicide.

People are showing their anger on social media by tweeting about this case. Some said that ‘justice should prevail to the family as they’re innocent and had no idea what was going on with their child in the hostel’. Will update you guys, after we get further information regarding this incident.


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