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Dated and Related Season 1 Netflix Series Star Cast Release Date & Time?


Netflix does not miss any chance to keep its viewers entertained. The giant streaming platform is all set with its new series titled “Dated and Related Season 1”. It is claimed to be one of the most awkward dating show ever as it will feature siblings. Yes, you read that right. In search of perfect love, the siblings would love each other out and it is no doubt to say that it will be quite interesting as the contestants would be seen flirting with strangers in front of their respective brothers and sisters.

Dated and related

The show has shared an official synopsis that reads imagine having to think about your sibling dating, how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are. It was further added that the fans will see pairs of siblings seeing each other’s love life up close and persona as they search for “the one together” in this brand-new reality series. It also says having a person who knows better than anyone should help you navigate the tricky world of dating. They will act as the ultimate wingman and help them find love.

Now, talking about the sibling pairs that will be seen in the show, it includes The Bajors. The two sisters Mady Bajors, 20, and Lily Bajors, 21, are from Texas. While Lily is a student and a cocktail waitress, Mady is an advertising student. Both sisters have great potential to be each other’s, wing women. The other pair is The Bishops going by the names Kaz and Kieran Bishop. 30-year-old Kaz is a firefighter whereas the latter is a bank consultant. The Cohens or Hahns from New Hersey are the next participants. Joining them are The Millers, The Pasijanis, The Roppos, The Perfettos, and, The Taneris.

Netflix shows Dated and Related will be released on September 2, 2022. As mentioned above, the show will have eight sibling duos who will be seen living together in a villa and setting up dates for each other. Because of the unique concept, the fans will see a lot of drama taking place in every episode with sudden eliminations. Ever since the streaming platform shared the details of the show, fans have flooded the post with exciting messages. Everyone seems to be excited about it and this has resulted in it trending on every platform. Stay connected with us for more updates and the latest news. Follow us for more updates.


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