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David Parker, a 56 years-old man, reportedly died after refusing to get the vaccination of the ongoing virus. Dealing with immensely heartbreaking news, the family of Parker has come ahead and pleaded with the people to get properly vaccinated if they got positive for the virus. David Parker was the Club Louis’ manager that is a nightclub situated in North Yorkshire. He used to share anti-vax posts on his Facebook page and also had stated that he will not get vaccinated until he gets proof that the said vaccine will not affect his health adversely.

David Parker

Club Loisu released a statement that confirmed the death of the nightclub manager. They stated that they are feeling regretful to inform that their manager, David Parker has sadly passed away. They had also stated that David was undergoing treatment for the novel virus at Darlington Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, the 56-years-old couldn’t survive the battle and died this afternoon. The statement continued as they offered their sincere condolences to Louis family and friends and that the manager will be truly missed. The club added that David would have wanted the show to go on so with the family’s agreement, they will remain open.

After David’s death, the family has come to the front and asked the sceptics not to suspect the vaccines and get them. Now, the questions that are coming ahead are of the people who are curious to find out why David was refusing to get vaccinated and why was he soo doubtful of it. Well, the manager had shared a post on his official Facebook page where he had stated that the media have not been sharing the proper information about the said vaccines and raised questions on who finances the media. He had answered that pharmaceutical companies are the ones financing the media.

Parker had shared the controversial post on Facebook and had requested his friends not to take the vaccine and even had claimed it to be “experimental”. David had added that he is not getting the vaccine until he gets detailed information about it and that it won’t leave any long term effects on his health. Various people have shared their shock and condolences on his demise. Netizens are sharing that they should prioritize health over anything and that it is better to be safe than sorry. David’s family is also sharing the same with the people. We pray for David Parker’s soul.


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