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Dayton Clarke Car Accident Linked To 34-Year-Old Hockey Captain Death Cause


We deeply regret to share with you the sad news that Dayton Clarke passed away who was thirty-four years old. One of the worst experiences to lose a loved one but it is a part of life and when it comes we don’t know. Death is a part of the life cycle and whether you want it or not even and this is the most tragic moment of everyone’s life. The internet broke down and create a buzz after hearing the death news of Dayton  Clarke who was the captain of the University of Oregon Ducks Hockey team. It is like a shock wave for the  Ice Hockey community and his family also mourning his death. To know more details about him and what happened to him scroll down the page and continue to read.

What happened to Dayton Clarke

The person we are talking about was  Dayton Clarke who was the Captain of the  Ice Hockey team of the University of Oregon Ducks team and passed away tragically due to a fatal accident. He died at the age of thirty-four and was known for his skill on the ice and positive behavior toward everyone. Dayton a former Kam River Walleye ahead and Present member of the University of Oregon Ducks Ice Hockey team passed away after hitting by the truck. To know more details you should go through and follow every section carefully and continue to read this article until the end and stay tuned always to social telecasts.

Dayton Clarke was hit by the truck and passed away. He was from Victoria, British Columbia. He scored ten Goals and fifteen points which led him into Superior International Junior Hockey League. Clark also scored four goals and two assists in eleven games. According to the police, The reports of this were informed to police at 3:54 a.m. on Saturday. The accident occurred in the midst of E. Twenty-fourth Avenue between Kincaid and Harris Streets What exact circumstances were there when this accident happened still not identified and if any others were involved in this accident?

However, The investigation of this case still going on. Any other information is not available yet if we get any update related to this case we will inform you. His family, Friends, and hockey community expressed their love and sent condolence to him. He will be remembered always and we hope his soul will be rest in peace. Stay tuned to the Social telecast for more updates and news.


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