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Dayve Sanchez Cause of Death? 18 Year-old Shot Dead By SBI Agent in Apex


An 18-year-old boy was shot and killed by an SBI officer on Tuesday  11th April 2023 afternoon at Pine Plaza Drive. This news getting viral and circulating widely. People are eager to know what exactly happened and who was he. Why he gets shot and killed by a police officer what did he do? What the Police department says about this case. we will give you all information related to this case. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Dayve Sanchez Cause of Death?

An eighteen-year-old boy was shot and killed by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) officer identified as Davye Sanchez. This happened at the Pine plaza drive shopping center. He was presumably caught stealing. Officers get information about this incident around 1.30 pm and reached pine plaza drive shopping center and found Davyez on the ground suffering and were taken down to nearby hospital where he could not make it and passed away. According to the reports he was caught off by the SBI officer when he was stealing from the shopping center.

Dayve Sanchez Cause of Death?

According to Appex police Chief Jermey Armstrong, The incident started in the shop the lady tried to grab a crate of ammo from a counter with the stolen package in tow. She and Davyenz fled the shop.so you can see Davyez was not the only one who had his partner in this crime. she was also injured at that time during engaging with a police officer now she is under treatment and police have not disclosed her identity or any other information about her. The reason the agent went to the business and what precipitated the shooting was not given by the chiefFreeman allegedly requested that the Apex Police Department take the lead on the investigation.

The family of Dayve Sanchez, 18, was contacted by ABC11 on Tuesday. Around 1:30 pm, near the Apex sports goods store on Pine Plaza Drive, they initially recognized him as the man shot and killed over a theft dispute. According to his mother and his family, they did not know about this incident until many hours and were shocked when they hear the news.She also said who was his partner in this was a  new friend of his. The officer who shot him was identified as an SBI agent named Denzel Ward 29.Davye Sanchez 18 years old boy who was shot and killed by an SBI officer due to crimping of stealing.If we get more updates related to this case we will inform you.So stay tuned with us.


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