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Delhi News: Woman Loses Over Rs 8.6 Lakh After Applying For A Job On Instagram


When you are searching and looking for jobs it is easy to fall into the trap of fake jobs which posts on social sites but some are not so you have to be alert of these kinds of jobs not only jobs post, another thing also related to colleges, schools an academy also. You have to get full information about that site and for the job posts which are you looking for then proceed if you feel that anything is wrong you have to report it. We warn you because in many cases happened like this that they post fake jobs and conserve people’s money and then ran off.

A Delhi woman lost more than Rs 8.6 lakh to scammers when she was searching for a job through Instagram. Be aware of this kind of fraud and do not reveal your personal details to anyone when you don’t know about them and blindly don’t trust anyone. There are thousands of people who are looking for jobs these days as a result of the continuous layoffs across companies.

Delhi News Woman Loses Over Rs 86 Lakh

This case happened to a woman who lost more than Rs 8.6 lakh when she applied for a job through Instagram. The job posting turned out to be fake and lured the woman into depositing money in the scammer’s account.

According to Report, A woman searching for a job clicked an advertisement for a job on Instagram and lost her money. Her Husband filed a complaint about this scam on December 2022. and told police that when his wife click on the job advertisement and opened the link on Instagram another ID called “airlinejoballindia” asked her to fill in her details. After filling in her details she got a call from a man named Rahul. The scammer said to her a deposit of 750rs of the Registration fee. After that, she realizes that she transfer more than 8.6 lacks to his account.

They shared this incident with all people and the Police. However, scammers were arrested by the Delhi police and revealed that they did their scams and fraud from Hisar, Haryana. The accused also confessed during interrogation that he had started scamming people two years back after he lost his job during the Covid 19 pandemic. This happened to anyone as so please look on only at authentic sites or you can look out for the job on Google search. Big companies never ask for a deposit or registration fees for any kind of job. Don’t trust blindly anyone and don’t reveal your personal details to anyone and do not fall easily into anyone’s trap of fake jobs.


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