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Dennis Thomas Dies At 70 Check Death Cause Reason Co-Founder of Kool & The Gang Dennis


One of the well-known Saxophonists and the co-founder of Kool & the Gang Dennis Thomas has died on Saturday at the age of 70. His fans are mourning his death, As per the reports his death was natural and he stopped breathing peacefully while in deep sleep, at his home in New Jersey, and his death was confirmed by his band which they stated in a Facebook statement. The other thing about him is, he just performed in his recent show so this is a good thing for every artist because just before leaving the earth performing live and setting the stage on fire is a very happy moment for a star and his or her fans as well.

Dennis Thomas Death Reason

Talking about his last performance so he performed at the Hollywood Bowl in LA with his band and the show was kicked off on July 4th, 2021. Dennis Thomas was the main member of the band, usually, he used to play flute, percussion and also was a saxophone. He was best known as the master of ceremonies during all of the performances of Kool & The Gang’s shows. A press release stated that he was the cool cat of the band though there is no doubt that this is the absolute right to praise him because he was still one of the good looking and funky guys from the group who has seen so many things such as shows and ups and downs.

However, he is a very well-known person but still, people are in the dark about him so we are here divulging his life. Thomas was an Orlando-native who co-founded the Kool & The Gang along with 5 teams mates named Ronald Bell, Robert Bell (Kool), Ricky Westfield, Spike Mickens, and Charles Smith. The bank created its own fusion of R&B, Jazz, and Soul. The banned started to call themselves Jazziacs at the beginning of their journey but later on, they titled Kool & The Gang in 1969.

Well, talking about his band so they have achieved two Grammy awards and a total of seven American Music awards throughout their journey. In the list of their produced songs or album, they have produced more than 25 top 10 R&B hits and have sold more than 70 albums worldwide. No doubt he was a legend in the music industry and his death has wrenched many hearts but his fans seem to be quite well because the good thing about his last moment was, he was not suffering from any illness at the time of leaving the universe and recently performed and made people groove with his music.


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