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What Was Dinkybliss Potsane Cause Of Death? Big Brother Mzansi’s Dies At 30


What Was Dinkybliss Potsane Cause Of Death? Big Brother Mzansi’s Dies At 30:- Reportedly, BBMzansi alias Rethabile Potsane is no longer among her close ones and admirers, as her unfortunate departure occurred on 13th November 2022 at Hillbrow Clinic, South Africa. Yes, you heard right, the deceased took her last breath after being battled a lot against the severe medical intricacies which were continuously detoriorating her in a certain manner. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted commenced paying tribute to her while expressing their rage to lose her, as no one had even imagined that she will leave the globe like this.

What Was Dinkybliss Potsane Cause Of Death Big Brother Mzansi's Dies

As per the exclusive reports or sources, currently, the exact cause behind her unfortunate departure is remaining ascertained, as no statement or reaction came out from the side of her family. Amid, a few reports are claiming that she was diagnosed with such complications which were affecting her a lot, and therefore, she was remaining under medical observation as well. So that, the medical team could bring her alive ahead while insulin with an appropriate cure but unluckily her health denied accepting the treatment as no medicines were applicable to fight against her health issues, thus she had to leave the world.


Who Was Rethabile Potsane?

BBmzansi alias Rethabile Potsane was a South Africa-based personality who rose to fame with Big Brother Mzanzi Season 3, where she was a contestant and her controversial stuff turned her immensely popular overnight. Thus, her fan following was also extremely high because of which, her admirers loved to chase her on social media.

Besides this, she was known as an influencer too who usually comes live on social media to encourage her fans for their dreams. But the past few months were not good for her as she shared such posts while claiming that she was depressed with such things, and soon her death news came out while shattering uncounted hearts.

What Was Dinkybliss Potsane Cause Of Death?

The unfortunate news has been confirmed by popular entertainment commentator and hots Phil Mphela through Twitter where she wrote an emotional caption while mentioning RIP Rethabile “Dinkybliss”. Since her admirers got acquainted with the news their shocking reactions came out as they had not even imagined that she will leave the world like this, while leaving them in a deep shock. But till now, no statement regarding her funeral came out yet from her family, so we will pray may her soul rest in peace in heaven (RIP Rethabile Potsane).


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