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DJ Leslie Perez Dies Find Out His Cause Of Death Age Wiki Biography


As per various online sources, it has been coming forward that the popular DJ Leslie Perez has died. Well, this is one of some shocking death news that has stirred the internet as the said DJ was quite young to leave the world. The people who followed him are in deep shock and are praying for the departed soul while his family and friends have gotten devastated. Though people are also eager to know how did Leslie Perez die and what was the cause of his death. Here’s everything we know about his death.

DJ Leslie Perez Death

Leslie Perez was mostly known as DJ Leslie Perez. He was a radio DJ and was loved by everyone. It has been stated that Perez was a person having a genuine personality and believed in living his life to the fullest. Apart from his fans, Leslie’s family and friends also admired him as a person. Though looks like destiny had something else planned for him as he has to die at a very young age. Ever since the death news came out, the entire social media has been flooded with condolences and RIP messages. Everyone is showing their pain on the DJ’s sudden demise.

The DJ was quite popular for his radio mixes and from time to time he displayed how passionate he is to grow in their respective field. It was his passion that helped him establish his name and earning recognition. He belonged to Pittsburg in the United States. Speaking of his passion, Leslie had stated that mixing was something he was always interested in. He had shared that he used to wake up in the morning just to practice and get better at it and even if he returned to school, it was the first thing he did.

Continuing further, Leslie Perez told that he looked forward to working with Jazzy Jim, a mix show coordinator at the time. He shared that he was determined to get in contact with him so he kept sending his mixes to him. All his hard work paid off when Jazzy offered him to appear as a guest DJ at night at 7:30. The time didn’t matter to him as he enjoyed mixing and later he was also given the 4 AM slot. Such a passionate man with eyes filled with dreams has unfortunately passed away. Though there is no information regarding his cause of death. We will update you as soon as we get any.


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