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Dmitry Demyanenko Dead or Alive? Russian Bullets Claimed He Was Shot In Ukraine SBU Police Head In Kyiv


Dmitry Demyanenko the retired deputy head of the SBU in Kyiv, was recently shot by the police from the Myrotvorets and Kyiv subdivisions because he did not stop his car at the checkpoint and as you all know that situation is not going well in the country and hundreds of people daily losing their life so due to the safety purpose the police officials did not find any other option to let him go so they did what they find on the time.

Dmitry Demyanenko SBU Police Head In Kyiv

The shocking incident took place on March 10th evening when a firefight took place on the streets of Kyiv and as per the situation, the local police got the right to shoot if they find anyone violating the rules and the same thing happened with Dmitry Demyanenko because he did not stop his car on the checkpoint and as a result, police officials from the Peacemaker Special Purpose Regiment shot the high ranging SBU officer to death. After his death, some of the organizations came up and protested against the police because the locals did not find it peaceful or right.

As per the sources when we searched how did he die and what exactly happened at that time so we got to know that Demyanenko denied stopping his car at the checkpoint, followed by which a chase was organized in several vehicles and as the SBU officer was found violating the rules and did not stop his car at the checkpoint so the police thought that the person in the car must be a wrongdoer and running just because he did something that should not happen, so they simply chased him and shot to death. However, saying this won’t be bad that they must shoot him in misunderstanding because the officer should have to know the situation and stop his car at that checkpoint.

Dmitry Demyanenko Shooting Video

The video is also available on social media such as Twitter and Reddit and if you want to watch the clip so you can even search for Dmitry Demyanenko shooting video on Twitter. In the clip, you can watch how the scene was created because in the video it has shown that police chased his car and first and surrounded him, post that they call him to come out but just after the moment they start firing and the SBU officer died.


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