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Doktor Haze Cause Of Death & Obituary: Ringmaster of The Circus Of Horrors Doktor Haze Dies


A famous ringmaster known by the name Doktor Haze passed away at the age of 28.Doctor Haze the ringmaster of the circus of horrors deceased. Friends and family are mourning his death and it is shocking to everyone when someone died at a young age. People are eager to know what is the reason for his death and what happened to him. we will try to give you all information and details related to him which we collect by scrounging the web and with deep research. please scroll down the page and continue to read.

The person who deceased at the young age at age of 28 was known as Dr. Haze or Doktor Haze. Doktor Haze expanded name was John Hayes Mabley. He was a multitasking and versatile person. He was a British circus owner and performer and also the director of The Circus of Horrors. Dr. Hazr was the ringmaster of the circus and also a performer, singer, songwriter, author, and also company director. Dr. Haze was born in 1995 in Preston, Lancashire and his parents also were circus performers as well. He is also known as John Haze. He released his autobiography book in 2011, Dr. Haze: Mud and Blood and Glitter.

Doktor Haze Cause Of Death & Obituary

According to reports, He was sadly passed away at the age of 28 on 15th April 2023  from cancer. Yes, after battling with cancer he could not survive anymore and passed away. Many people showed their grief and prayed for him.

Many condolences and solace were given to him and to his family who going through difficult times. This is the worst thing for anyone who goes through in life losing a loved one. for more updates stay tuned with us and leave your tribute by using the comment box.

Doktor Haze Ringmaster of The Circus Of Horrors

Haze was the director of many companies Moscow state circus, Carters Steam Fair, and Psycho Management, and also the co-owner of the circus extreme and continental circus Berlin. He also stood for as an independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown. Mr. Haze claims to have been born in a circus and started the Circus of Horrors in 1995.

Doktor Haze Ringmaster of The Circus Of Horrors

“My dad was a lion trainer. I ran away from the circus to have a bash at rock’n’roll and the Circus of Horrors is a combination of all that. He had made appearances at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV. And he did bar mitzvahs. There are no animals in the circus. Instead, there are performances by the fork-tongued Hannibal Helmurto.


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