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Doraha ULLU Web Series All Episodes Online: Release Date, Cast Members & Storyline


Ullu is all set to bring another interesting web series for its fans. Yes, we are talking about Doraha which is preparing for its release on the popular streaming platform. The trailer of the new series has been released on YouTube. It has garnered a lot of attention from the fans already. People are expressing their excitement about its release and due to this reason, the show is trending on multiple social media platforms. Check all the details about it in the article below.

Doraha ULLU Web Series All Episodes Online Release Date Cast Members Storyline

It is no doubt to say that ULLU never fails to entertain its viewers with refreshing web series that keep them hooked. It has also improved the quality of its web series by releasing back-to-back interesting series with intriguing series. The makers recently released entertaining series including Love In Goa and Good Girls Brides Night. It featured actors like Muskaan Mehta, Aadita Jain, and Edin Rose. Within a month, the viewers have gotten plenty of series that entertained them well. Now, they are anticipating the release of this upcoming series. Are you also searching for the details such as its storyline, plot, release date, and more? Read the article for more updates.

Doraha ULLU Web Series Release Date

As per reports, Doraha will be released on December 27, 2022. Only some days are left till the release of the series. Talking about its storyline, it is a story of a boy going by the name Shekhar who recently gets married. On the honeymoon, Shekhar leaves his wife and goes somewhere. He comes to the room the next morning and takes his wife by surprise as she thinks if her husband did not come to the room last night, who did she sleep with last night. Later, she recalls that it was Shekhar’s brother Vivek.

Doraha ULLU Web Series Storyline

Well, from that day, Shekhar’s wife and Vivek start fulfilling each other’s desires. Soon, Vivek’s mother fixes his marriage with a girl named Veena. Shekhar’s wife does not like that and asks him to decline the marriage offer but the latter does it because of family pressure. When Vivek introduces Veena to Shekhar and his wife, the former gets shocked as it was the same girl, he ran away to meet on his honeymoon night. It is no doubt to say that the storyline of the series is quite interesting and has already grabbed everyone’s attention. Keep following Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news.


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