Home General News Dozens Of Cattle Died From Top Dairy Herd, Farming Community Devastated

Dozens Of Cattle Died From Top Dairy Herd, Farming Community Devastated


There is the saddest news is coming out related to the death of over 100 Jersey Dairy cows have suddenly caught ill and died on Thursday 15 December. This farm was run by a family situated in St. Heiler and this full sorrow incident affected the cows at Woodlands farm. This news is spreading like fire on the internet and lots of social media users raised too many questions related to this topic. Here in this article, we are going to share some information related to this scary incident and also talk about what happened to them and what is the cause of their deaths.

Dozens Of Cattles Died From Top Dairy Herd Farming Community Devastated

Dozens Of Cattles Died From Top Dairy Herd

The investigation is started yet and the samples from the cattle feed and the other animals have been sent for checking. This will be completed as a precaution where last week the island is full with 33,000 liters of milk collected which includes some cows from the farm.

Managing director of Jersey Dairy named Eamon Fenlon says ‘Everyone at Jersey Dairy is totally devasted with what has happened at Woodlands Farm and our thoughts are always with the family of Boutillier and all their teams at this terrible moment. This current time is heartbreaking for Charli [farmer], his family, and all at Woodlands we can’t expect of losing everything for them. The cause of the deaths of these cows is revealed yet but the investigation is continued.

It is a different and isolated incident that touch the heart of people and affected the farms. Cattle of the woodlands herd have also been unaffected and there are too many farms that are also affected by this incident. The Environment Minister Deputy Jonathan Renouf also express their sadness by saying that the remaining sample will tell us more after the process of analysis but it takes a time near around a week due because of its specialist nature.

Social media is flooded with tributes for this incident and still, too many people share their responses to this sad incident through the medium of social media. They write in their comments that we desire they can use their strength and guidance to bring them through this difficult and terrible moment and our thoughts with them. The dead bodies have been taken to Jersey’s Animal Carcass Incinerator and we will update the article after getting any more information related to this incident and for reading more articles related to the latest news then stay connected to our website.


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