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Dr. Aziz Hajini Dead Writer and Poet Dies Check Cause Of Death


The very shocking news is coming in front of the people from Srinagar where Writer and Poet Dr. Aziz Hajini has passed away. Ever since the news came on social media a wave of grief and sorrow from his family, friends, and all those students who were taught by him. Because no one expected the incident but unfortunately he is no longer among us. Hence, his close ones are going through trauma and pain. His family has been shattered because they have lost their close one forever, therefore, everyone is supporting them to deal with this hard time.

Dr. Aziz Hajini Dead

As per the exclusive reports, Dr. Aziz Hajini was a poet, critic, writer, and coordinator of the Sahitya Academy North Delhi Regional Council. It is being said that he served as an assistant professor in the Shaikh-ul Aalam Research Center of the University of Kashmir till his retirement in 2019, and he taught many students who became a big names now. But as soon as his family got too familiar with his demise they could not control themselves. Because such a big trauma hit them and their wounds will take time for healing them, but they are suffering from such a great loss.

It is being reported that plenty of achievements are registered on his name but unfortunately is no more among us. He was a champion of Literature and culture, and writer of more than 20 books, he was the idol of uncounted people who used to consider him as their “Guru” because he was the one who polished their students in such a way that no one can stop them to touch heights. Hence, almost everyone is paying tribute to him through social media because during the period of ongoing pandemic only social media is a platform where they can express their sorrow.

Dr. Aziz Hajini is known as a former secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Arts, Languages, Cultures, and has recently become the chair of the North Sahitya Academy of Regional Committee. He was transferred to New Delhi as well from the Srinagar in Dr. SK Sarin, a World-renowned Gastrroenterologist. But he has passed away and only his memories are left in the world, his entire family has broken down in tears. Because their closest family member has gone to leave them forever, hence, everyone is praying for his soul to rest in peace and we will do the same (RIP).


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