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Dr David Yonggi Cho Death Cause Reason Passed Away At 85 How Did South Korean Pastor Die?


South Korean Christian minister David Yonggi Cho has gone with Jesus to heaven today at the age of 85. He was also known as Paul Yungi Cho, started his journey in this holy way along with his mother-in-law Choi Ja-shill. Cho was the co-founder of Yoido Full Gospel Church which is the world’s largest congregation, and in the year 2007 reports claimed a gathering of 830,000 people at the same time. Well, if you are looking for more details about him so go down till the last full stop.

Dr David Yonggi Cho Death Cause Reason Passed Away At 85 How Did South Korean Pastor Die

Coming from a huge family Cho was born in Ulju-gun, currently located in Ulsan metropolitan city on 14 February 1936. He was the eldest brother of five brothers and four sisters. Life was going well until his father’s business was going good but things got changed when his father’s sock and glove’s business went bankrupt. Talking about his other achievements so as his family was going through bad days so he was unable to afford the fee and other expenses so he took admission to a technical high school to learn about trade, later on, he started to stay among soldiers (an American army base camp) near his school where he learned English from the American soldiers.

However, David Yonggi Cho was brought up as a Buddhist but at the age of 17, he changed his religion and turned into a Christian. Well, it was all happened overnight after an adorable Christian girl visited his house to illuminate him about Christianity. As usual, that girl ruled his mind by telling him that God chose him over millions of people to show the path of Christianity to the world. While working as a decipherer for American gospellers he received a scholarship in the year 1956 which led him more towards Jesus.

After getting the scholarship to study theology he went to Full Gospel Bible College in Seoul where he met Choi Ja-shill that became his mother-in-law and also a close ministerial associate. After being graduate in March 1958 he started for what he came to earth. His death was confirmed on his official Facebook page and as soon as this news started to surface his followers started mourning his death. Many people have shown their love and respect towards Cho as you can see on social media. Our deepest condolences are with his followers and no doubt his soul shall keep eyes on every single follower from heaven.


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