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Drake and 21 Savage Faces $4M Lawsuit After Conde Nast Complaint Against Using ‘Fake’ Vogue Cover,


According to reports, Conde Nast has filed a $4 million lawsuit against 21 Savage and Drake. The duo reportedly used a fake Vogue cover for the promotion of their new album titled “Her Loss”. The company filed the lawsuit on Monday, November 7, 2022, in a Manhattan federal court. Ever since its name is trending on multiple platforms. Netizens are taking a lot of interest in finding out the details of the company and about the whole matter which is creating a lot of buzz on social media. Check the details of the same in the article below.

Drake and 21 Savage Faces M Lawsuit After Conde Nast Complaint Against Using'Fake' Vogue Cover Reason

Drake and 21 Savage Faces $4M Lawsuit After Conde Nast Complaint

As mentioned above, Conde Nast is not a person but a global media company that reportedly owns several major brands including The New Yorker, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. The media house happens to have a market in a total of 32 countries. Headquartered in New York and London, Conde is also the producer of high-profile events such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute Gala, GQ Men of the Year, The New Yorker Festival, and Vogue Forces of Fashion.

On the company’s website, it is written that At Conde Nast, they celebrate the extraordinary, and Creativity and imagination are the lifeblood of all that they do. Along with fashion and cooking schools across Europe and a production and distribution studio that opened in 2011.

Complaint Against Using ‘Fake’ Vogue Cover

Conde Nast also has endeavored in education and entertainment. Talking about the lawsuit, Drake shared a cover of Vogue from the October special issue that appeared to have him, 21 Savage, and Anna Wintour before the album Her Loss was officially released.

Because it was so persuasive, not just fans but also media outlets began to believe it and reported on it. The two even produced a Howard Stern interview at the same time they recorded a Tiny Desk Concert promo. Conde Nast reportedly stated in the lawsuit docs obtained by TMZ that Anna Wintour and Vogue “have not sponsored Her Loss in any manner and have requested numerous times for all promos utilizing the Vogue name to be taken off.”

Drake’s Instagram has since removed the image that featured the Vogue cover. The Her Loss release date and images of Drizzy, Anna, and 21 Savage were added on the cover using photoshop. Variety news Conde Nast is asking for $4 million in damages, which is the equivalent of “tripling the defendants’ record and “counterfeit” magazine earnings.” Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates and news.


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