Home General News Drunk Italian Flyer Runs Half-Naked On Vistara Flight: What Happened? Details Explored

Drunk Italian Flyer Runs Half-Naked On Vistara Flight: What Happened? Details Explored


There is a piece of news coming forward related to a Drunk Italian flyer named Paola Perruccio released on bail who was arrested in Mumbai. This news continues circulating on the internet and various social media pages where so many people share their responses on this incident. She was drunk when she was traveling on the Vistara flight and she also did various other activities inside the plane and then later arrested by the Mumbai police. We will share all the information related to her, what she did inside the plane, and also discuss some more information related to her in this article, so read continuously.

Drunk Italian Flyer Runs Half-Naked On Vistara Flight What Happened Details Explored

As per the sources and reports, she was creating a ruckus mid-air on that plane which was taking off from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai, and then later she was arrested by the Mumbai Police on Monday 30 January 2023. She was arrested by Sahar police in the early morning of Monday after the flight landed at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport of Mumbai (CSMIA). Later she was released on a bail by a court. She was completely drunk and she booked the ticket for economy class and ruckus to sit in the business class of the plane.

Drunk Italian Flyer Runs Half-Naked On Vistara Flight

She hurled abuses and assaults at the crew members of the plane and she also took off some clothes and walked here or there in the plane in a naked state condition. As per a Vistara spokesperson, It is confirmed that there was an unruly passenger on a Vistara flight UK 256, and her violent and unruly conduct behavior issued a warning card by the captain of the plane which results in her arrest. Now she is released on a bail and there is no information shared related to her personal life. Mumbai police released her after completing various check-ups such as medical examinations under the sections of the Indian Penal Code.

There are so many cases coming out in which people create problems and troubles in the plane and mostly the reason is said that was their first time traveling in a plane. After registering a complaint, the Mumbai police charged a file in a day and arrested her however later she gives on bail in court. There is not much information coming forward about what happened next after giving bail to her. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on other news topics and the latest news of the daily world.


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