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Elia Rodriguez Journalist from Esradio Dies at 33 Check Cause Of Death


Another heart-wrenching news is taking place on social media that popular journalist Elia Rodriguez from Esradio has passed away in Spain. Ever since, her colleagues, family, and close ones familiar with the news a wave of sadness and grief surrounded them, because it is a great loss in the journalism world. Hence, uncounted people who like her and are considered as their idols are paying tribute to her on social media because of which Twitter has been flooded. Everyone is praying to God so that, they can get the strength a power to bear the pain of losing their close one.

Elia Rodriguez Journalist from Esradio

As per the sources, 33-years-old Elia Rodriguez has graduated in information science from Segovia and got the end-of award as well. It is being said that she also got the degree of Institutional and political communication from Carlos III, and is quite familiar with the program of “Libros Con Uasabi”, in which she participated along with 2 different women called Barili and Ayanta and uncounted people connect with them while program. But unfortunately, she is no longer among us because of which, everyone is going through a great pain who loves to watch her.

It is being said that Elia Rodriguez has represented plenty of shows and all were spotted in the list of highest watched shows. In short, she made us familiar with leisure entertainment, along with music, culture, literature, gastronomy, theater, psychology, mystery, health, history, etc. All these programs attract the audience a lot and therefore she is quite familiar with her versatility, comprehensively a bag with the testimonies for the audience included real interviews. But as soon as her death news came forward no one could not stop their tears because we have lost a gem.

All the people on Twitter who loved to see her are paying tribute to her will all their hearts and therefore it has been flooded with tribute messages. All her fans are expressing their feelings because it is very sad to lose someone close to people in this way. Ever since the news surrounded her family, there is an atmosphere of sorrow among all, because no one had even thought that such an incident happened, everyone is praying to God to give strength to her close ones. So that, they can emerge from this pain soon, even they are praying for her soul rest in peace, and we will do the same (RIP)


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