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Emma Staton To Stand Trial In Acelynn Staton-Contreras’ Death


Today we are going to share some shocking news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. A 25 years old woman was arrested on charges of child abuse. Yes, you heard right. This crime is done by the mother of 4 years daughter. All of you are thinking about that why she did this. What was the reason behind this incident? What did she do with her daughter? Is she a cruel lady? Is she never think that she was the mother of her daughter? We can clear your doubt. We have shared all the information with you about this incident below. Scroll up to read more information in detail.

A 25-year-old woman was arrested by the police because she was the criminal of her daughter. The name of the lady was identified by the police. She was Emma Staton. This is really heartbreaking news. This news is now trending on the internet. The people commented on this news. People requested that she will punish strictly by District Attorney County. She did a bad crime with her daughter. The people have goosebumps after hearing this news. We also feel extremely bad for the 4-year-old girl.

Colorado Mom Charged With Fentanyl OD Death Of Daughter

According to the report, the police investigate the incident area. This incident happened on the 13th of July. The police said Staton calls to EPCCC at around 11:13 pm. On the 13th of July, the call hung up immediately.

Emma Staton To Stand Trial In Acelynn Staton-Contreras' Killing

The deputies reached Staton’s home to check the situation. After that, Staton said that her daughter made a call mistakenly. She also said there was no problem in the house. She said to the police that she and her daughter fall asleep at 9:00 pm.

She woke up to use the bathroom and smoked a cigarette. She come back into the room she saw that her daughter started vomiting and she doesn’t take a breath. Staton feared after seeing this. She did not understand the situation. She calls her husband and tells him about the condition of the baby. She finds a nasal spray and sprays it on her daughter’s face.

After that, her daughter did not take a breath and died on the spot cause of a heavy dose of the spray. This is extremely sad news. Staton is in police custody. The government charged her with fentanyl for the death of her 4 years old daughter. Here we have shared all the information with you about this news. Follow for more information.


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