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Eszter Jeles is Dead At 21 Hungarian Jockey Suffered An Accident During a Race Check Video


This month alone witnessed plenty of deaths. Be it the popular personalities or common people, the world lost so many kind souls to heaven. Here, we are reporting another such saddening death news. It is coming forward that Hungarian jockey Eszter Jeles passed away in the hospital where she was getting treatment for the past 13 days. Sources claim that she died two weeks ago after she met with a fatal accident. The people who were close to Jeles have gotten disheartened to learn about the shocking news. Some people are still trying to comprehend the tragedy and wondering about the tragic accident.

Eszter Jeles

As per some online sources, Eszter Jeles was in the hospital where she took her last breath two weeks ago. She was involved in a fatal accident at the Fegentri Amateur Women’s Riders World Championship Race. It was held at Istanbul Veliefendi Racecourse on Sunday, September 5th. The mishappening ended up taking the rider’s life. Reports state that it was the last 1000 meters of the race where French rider Tracy Menuet fell from her horse that affected all the riders. Eszter Jeels along with other opponents fell on the ground with their respective horses as well. The accident was quite shocking and the viewers got stunned to watch that.

After the unfortunate accident, all of the injured riders were taken to the nearby hospital. Tracy Menuet and Eszter Jeles were the female riders who had gotten badly injured after the accident. French rider Tracy soon was discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment. On another hand, Jeles remained in the hospital for almost 13 days and was battling for her life. She has received severe injuries that the doctors suggested surgery. Later, the 21-years-old rider underwent surgery and struggled for his life for thirteen days. However, Eszter Jeles couldn’t survive after the long battle.

It was reported that Eszter died on September 18, 2021. The news has affected everyone who knew her as a person. People have been paying her a heartfelt tribute and praying for the peace of her soul. Talking about the announcement of the death of the young rider, the Jockey Club of Turkey shared the news on its official website. They informed how the Hungarian female rider met with an unfortunate accident during the world championship and was referred to the hospital for immediate treatment. The club added that on Monday, September 6, the treatment process continued. However, after trying to save her life for 13 days, the doctors couldn’t save her.


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