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Faltu 20 May 2023 Written Update: Today’s Episode


The latest written update on today’s episode of Faltu which is telecast on Starplus.The latest written update of Faltu is 20 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Tanisha and Ayaan argue with each other and Ayaan scold Tanisha when she says that the root of this destruction is Faltu when Tanisha says they are selling HR Mart and even their house. Ayaan taunts and criticize Tanisha that how can be a person and mean too much. Tanisha tells Aayaan if they lived together these things never be happened and Faltu is the root of all destruction and bad things that happened to him. Ayaan tells Tanisha that he will never live with her and always live with Faltu. Ayaan defends Faltu when Tanisha bad-mouthing about her to Ayaan.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu 20 May 2023 Written Update

The scene shifts to the office, where the chairman scolds the staff and the policeman failed to find out about his sister. Meanwhile, Faltu passes a playground where a cricket match is being played and suddenly the player starts noise and making a buzz as they hit a girl with the ball. Faaltu runs toward that girl when she sees that girl in fear and scares in the middle of the people. Faltu asks her if she is fine or not after taking aside to her from the crowd. That girl introduces own as Sanaya to Faltu.

Faltu helps her try to reach home and Faltu comes to know this girl is the daughter of the director who is willing to buy their house and company. When all family members see Sanya they are relieved and take her inside. Faltu also wants to go inside but the security guard stops her then she tells to guard to call Sanya she knows her then Sanya tells to family members Faltu is the one who helps her to reach the house.

Sanya also asks to her mother and Grandmother to prepare delicious food for Faltu. Sanaya tells she is grateful to Faltu and they both hug meanwhile the lawyer sees them together. Faltu tells her that she has to urgently meet with her brother Ruhaan and Sanaya promise to her but the Lawyers stopped them to meet Ruhaan without an appointment Sanaya escapes and runs to his brother and apologizes him to disturb him then Ruhaan sees Faltu.

At the end the of episode, Ayaan who is in prison recalls Tanisha’s words and becomes tense after and thinks about how he can get out of this situation and save his family. He recalled happy moments with his father when they finalized the deal. After this Ayaan call to Family and asks about everyone’s health and whether they are fine or not but the Family tries to hide the situation then Ayaan tells them he knows everything then asks about Faltu when Dadi says Faltu has gone to meet other officers.


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