Home Entertainment Faltu 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhaan buys Mittal house

Faltu 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhaan buys Mittal house


Hello, readers and viewers today we will talk about the latest written update on today’s episode of FALTU 30 MAY 2023. The episode starts with the scene when the Mittal House is auctioning and the media start covering this. Ayaan gets furious and angry after seeing this but can’t do anything so Faltu calms him. Tanisha asks Kanika to take part and put a value on Mittal’s house. Kanika says everyone is talking that she wants this and all belief after getting evidence in the car that she is behind with all these things.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Tanisha asks Kanika if her reputation and image are above then her love. Kanika asks to take out the step out from there where they fell into the wrong deed pits. Faltu thinking about what is the next move, Tanisha. Faltu says Kanika and Tanu shouldn’t get this house. She prays. Sumitra says I didn’t know our house will have so much demand. She asks Tanu to raise the bid amount. Tanu asks Kanika to bid for a bigger amount. She says 50 crores. Kanika asks have you lost your mind. Tanu holds Ayaan’s hand and says we will get this house, and stay happy.

Sumitra whispers that Tanisha has a soft corner for Ayaan but she can never be of Ayaan and then Kanika denies to Tanisha she can’t go higher like this the court will suspect her when Ruhan biding this house with 70 crores. The house gets sold to Ruhaan.

Amar sees Janardhan and runs to him. He asks what happened. He runs to Ayaan and says Janardhan fell. Everyone runs to see. Sumitra stops Sid. Kanika stops Tanu. Ruhaan smiles and thinks I will raise up, and you will fall down, congrats on your second defeat, I bought this house for Shanaya, you all have to pay for this. Ayaan asks Faltu to get water. He asks Kinshuk to call an ambulance.

Ruhaan thinks he will suffer Janardhan and his family too. Kinshuk tries to console Dadi and everyone gets worried about seeing this Janardhan’s condition Dadi also faints from worrying about his son so she is taken to the hospital also with Janardhan. Ruhaan comes and informs Shanaya that he got the house then he asks to talk with them about himself when Shanay says she will surprise Faltu then gets excited and says she can finally live with Faltu and play with her cricket.


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