Home Entertainment Faltu Latest Written Update 28th June 2023 Today’s: Faltu gets drunk

Faltu Latest Written Update 28th June 2023 Today’s: Faltu gets drunk


The latest written update on today’s episode of FaltuĀ  27 June 2023. The episode starts with the scene Janardhan says the star of tonight, my son Ayaan Mittal my family and I have struggled a lot and Ayaan had to go to jail but they both Ayaan and Faltu did not let break down and stood strong.

Faltu Written Update

Janardhan calls Faltu and then Ayaan thinks no other issue is more important than love. I will sort out our issues and Faltu sees Ayaan. Janardhan introduces Faltu to others and says that she is his son’s wife and I am proud of her. Janardhan says we have proud of Faltu as she had to put her passion and dream at stake for her family.

Faltu Latest Written Update 28th June 2023

Ayaan and Faltu dance to songs when the party starts and tells each other that they have to tell something Aayaan says they will talk after the party but Faltu get worried. The family dance together meanwhile Ruhaan order the servant to keep an eye on Faltu meanwhile Tannu calls Ruhaan when he is coming but he asks the reason for her what happened.

Ruhaan asks Roy to burn the warehouse and no one should know how this happened and who did it and thinks this is the little gift to Janardhan from him. Faltu tells Ayaan she wants to tell something and expresses her suspicion that something is strange and tells her went Ruhaans house then Ayaan gets angry and tells her to not talk about Ruhaan and even don’t take his name but she insists that this is important.

Ayaan tells that guests have come and I m trying to do my best but Faltu insists to Ayaan please listen to her once but Aayaan refuse then Janardhan calls Ayaan. On the other hand, Tanu thinks why Ruhaan asks the reason if he doing something wrong or double-crossing her then plans to go there and shows the pics to Ayaan.


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