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Faltu Written Update 19 April 2023: Today’s Serial Episode


Here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of your favorite show which is going on the top rating and people like it so much. Yes, we are talking about the show which telecast on Starplus. Yes, this is the show who broke the conservative thinking about the rural and girls who think that only boys do all things. like every sport is only for Boys not for girls also who thinks that rural girls who belong to a village can’t do anything?  In this show, the main lead is Niharika Chouskey who is playing the character of Faltu and the male lead is Aakash Ahuja as Ayaan Mittal.

let’s talk about what will happen in today’s Faltu episode. The Faltu episode starts with the Faltu who is thanking Amar because of his help. She serves food for Ayaan and said that she will take care of everything and be worried. Faltu says to him why he tensed when he also said that he trusts Faltu. You are encouraging me but we will go away life is strange. Faltu says I want you to unite with your family.

Faltu Written Update

He says where they live. Then Faltu and Ayaan share their happy moments with each other and Faaltu says to him that this I like a lovely dream to her that she never thought can become reality.

Faltu Written Update 19 april 2023

They feed the food to each other under the night sky with one candle on the table. This is a candlelight dinner for them. Dadi and Savitaa are happy to see that Ayaan and Faltu are happy with each other. She asks Savita to have food. Dadi says to Savita that we have to face the challenges so we need energy for that.

Ayaan got a loving girl. She scolds Janardhan and says I will never forgive you for this. After this, the scene comes of Ayaan who is fixing the tent for Faltu and him. Faltu says you cannot fix this let me do it and Ayaan nodded and said yes you do. On the other side, some of the family members are praising Flatu from afar and say that she is the right person for Ayaan. She has the solution to all kinds of problems and not ever letting down Ayaan.Faltu falls in Ayaan’s arms. They smile. Sid makes their video. follow us for more updates and stay tuned to the social telecast.


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