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Faltu Written Update 23rd May 2023: Today’s Episode


Hello readers and viewers here we are to entertain you by giving the latest written update of your all favorite show and today we are going to talk about the show Faltu so let’s get started. The latest written update on today’s episode of Faltu is on 23 May 2023. The episode begins with Faltu when she is wanted to reach the driver. Ayaan doubts Tanisha she knows that Faltu will be after the files so she would have destroyed the file while Faltu believes that Tanisha hides the Files and keep more safe so they can’t get them.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu saying we can the files. She says anything can happen, try to recall where you have seen it. Ayaan says it’s Tanu’s Dada ji’s car, Brijbhushan drives it, he should help, he loves me, I helped him before, you go and talk to him, he will help us. She says if he had to help us, then why would he support the goons? Ayaan says I had helped him multiple times with money so he will help us  I am sure and maybe he did not know about all these things.

Faltu assures Aayaan that she will search for him and also take care of their family then Faltu reaches the address which is sent by Ayaan but when she reached the house gets worried after seeing the locked house and asks about neighbors where his house owner went then some neighbors tells her that they went village for a long time ago.

Shanaya is with the doctor. She scolds the doctor and Daima. She says I m fed up. Daima says calm down, she comes here for your good. Shanaya says you don’t know what I feel, my dad and my dream got ruined. Doctors say he can’t handle her tantrum every day then she yells at the doctor and asks the to doctor leave. She gets broken down after seeing her hands and says she will stay this ill for always.

Faltu comes home. Ayesha argues with Faltu. Savita comes and scolds Ayesha for always fighting with the family. Harsh asks her to calm down. Ayesha says Faltu is her fav, she won’t be able to see anything now, she is worried for her son, and she has a problem when I m worried for her child. Ruhaan is eagerly waiting for meeting to Janardhan Mittal and also tells him to call up Faltu as well when they meet each other. But they are unable to meet with each other and Faltu comes to Ruhaans home to meet Shanaya but Dai maa tells her she is not in the right state of mind and attacking her doctor as well so be careful.  Follow us for more updates and stay tuned with Social Telacst.


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