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Farmington Mass Shooting Case Update: Police Identify Gunman Who Killed 3 And Wounded 6 People


Today we are going to share about the incident which occurred in Mexico. This terrifying and terrible incident of shooting happened in Mexico where an eighteen years old boy took the life of three senior citizens. This news broke out on the internet and went viral on all the social media platforms and news channels. This incident leaves fear in the people and raised concern and questions in people’s minds about youth who become preparators. People are curious to know what happened exactly and why he did this and if he is arrested or not. We try to provide all details and information regarding this case. To know more scroll down the page and continue to read.

Farmington Mass Shooting Case Update

Farmington Mass Shooting Case Update

The person we are talking about is an eighteen years old boy identified as Beau Wilson who took the lives of three senior citizens in New Mexico. In this incident, the boy is also dead and he is no more. This horrifying incident occurred at a joyful moment when the school celebrates a graduation ceremony and in the middle of the celebration, the boy was involved in this heinous act. Beau Wilson was a high school student at Farmington School and his school was preparing for the graduation ceremony on Tuesday 16 May 2023 for students this joyful moment become a tragedy and horrifying memory.

Farmington Mass Shooting Case

According to the police, Beau Wilson was confronted shortly after his death and police also identified three victims who were senior citizens of the tragic incident as Shriley Voita at the age of 79, Melody Ivie aged 73, and Gwendylon Schofield whose age was 97. This incident raises concern about youth who become preparators on small things and maybe someone can’t understand them if they are struggling to fight depression. This incident left to shock the community as their family lost their loved one in this incident and a big shock for the boy’s family which they never thought that their child was involved in this terrible incident that caused everyone’s death reason even his own.

An eighteen years old boy Beau Wilson died and was involved in the shooting that took the lives of three citizens identified as Shriley, Melody, and Gwendolyn on Tuesday 16 May 2023 when his school community preparing the graduation ceremony celebration. This horrible incident leaves them in terror and their joyful memory becomes a tragedy. It is disheartening to learn that Wilson, a student at Farmington High School, carried out such a senseless act. No other information is available yet but we will inform you when we get any update related to this case. We understand that their parents are not in the state to talk about anything so we are patiently waiting for the right time to talked them. Follow for more updates stay tuned to Social telecast.


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