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Fatherhood Ullu App New Web Series Full Episode Review Star Cast Actress Name Wiki Bio


Hey! fascinating show lovers your favourite web show streaming site has come again to make you feel over the moon with its fresh erotic concept where viewers are going to experience a story everyone has watched before but in another language, in other regions but as you all must be in the swim that ULLU is one of the best sites where you can catch all the arousing story to make your night or evening tickling with the erogenous story concept.

fatherhood web series

ULLU is launching plenty better from one another erotic concept and that too in a line where it seems that makers of streaming site have stalwart to not let its audience sigh for a moment because the streaming site is bent on giving outstanding shows. Well, in the midst of all sensual web shows Fatherhood has arrived and has completed its two super episodes where viewers got to know about a father’s relationship with his son that is not even good but the life turns wet when a lady comes in the house fill their bleak life with the all colors they need to keep. Well, as you all know that the OTT platform has set its benchmark among the audience and this is the reason whenever he thinks to watch something pleasurable we directly go to watch it on ULLU.


Fatherhood Cast

  • Khushi Mukherjee
  • Ashmit Patel
  • Alam Khan

The story revolves around a man named Pratap and his son Kamal. However, Pratap is typically a strict father who does not want his son to get into some physical relation and also not to find something like this. The story turns when Pratap’s sister-in-law named Nisha comes to his house and stays with them. She also spices up an unexpected robust relationship with both Father and son and with the journey, one day she demands a threesome with both and in this watching is going to be so amazing that how Pratap will make his son agree, whom he always kept away from the world of sensation and desires.

Well, the story is age-restricted and only for 16+ audience because in this show there will be some arousing scenes that will make your soul wet and the glamour in the story is the biggest reason who must hit you for a six. The makers of the show released a trailer clip of the show on the 13th of August and just in few days it got 7.4k likes along with more than 460k Views. Well, the show has landed on screens on the 17th of August so go and watch it. Stay tuned with us to know more about ULLU’s latest web series.


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