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FBG vs CTB Live Score Chinese Professional League Baseball Match Tips & Prediction


The second match of the day, the 4-teams tournament, Chinese Professional Baseball League 2020, Fubon Guardians vs China Trust Brothers. Both these teams are lying between the table-topper and the team lying on the extreme bottom. Well! It’s Rakuten Monkeys holding the top rank and on the last position, it’s Uni Lions. Between these two teams, China Trust Brothers are on the 2nd, the second-best team of the tournament, and the Fubon Guardians are on the 3rd.

China Trust Brothers have gone through a total of 34 matches, winning 19, and losing 15, they’ve the winning percentage if 0.559 for today’s battle, FBG vs CTB! There are high chances of the Brothers to overtake the Monkeys now and rule over all other teams of the Chinese Professional League 2020. Well! In the last 5 matches of the tournament, the team has won all the 5 playoffs. The Brothers are in good form.

FBG vs CTB Live

Since, the opponent is comparatively weaker, it would be good for the China Trust Brothers and for sure the team would be getting advantage of the fact. To be very honest, all other teams are weaker than the Brothers at present.

  • League- Chinese Professional Baseball League 2020
  • Playoff- Guardians vs Brothers
  • Date- Wednesday, 10th June 2020
  • Time- 4:05 PM IST
  • Venue- Taiwan

Fubon Guardians: Hu Chin-Lung, Kao Kuo-Lin, Shen Hao-Wei, Chang Cheng-Wei, Lin Che-Hsuan, Chen Pin-Chieh, Kao Kuo-Hui, Kao Hsiao-Yi, Chiang Chih-Hsien, Lin Yi-Chuan, Lee Tsung-Hsien, Fan Kuo-Chen, Wang Cheng-Tang, Chen Kai-Lun, Yang Chin-Hao, Lin Wei Ting, Yu Sen-Hsu, Hsin Yuan-Hsu, Chen Shih-Peng

Chinatrust Brothers: Chang Chih-Hao, Chan Tzu-Hsien, Chen Tzu-Hao, Chou Szu-Chi, Chen Wen-Chieh, Lin Shu-Yi, Su Wei-Ta, Wang Wei-Chen, Chiang Kun-Yu, Yueh Tung-Hua, Lin Chih-Sheng, Wu Tung-Jung, Tu Chia-Ming, Hsu Chi-Hung, Pan Chih-Fang, Ariel Miranda, Jose De-Paula, Huang En-Sih, Esmil Rogers

Fubon Guardians have gone through a total of 31 matches, won 15, and lost the rest 16. They have an almost the 50:50 win-loss ratio. For this game, the team has a winning percentage of 0.484. In the last 5 matches of the tournament, the team has won thrice and lost twice.

If we compare all 4 teams of the tournament, it’s Fubon Guardians and China Trust Brothers, in the good forms. The table-topper, Monkeys and the Lions are literally not playing really well. Fubon Guardians are coming up with the winning streak of 1 against the Rakuten Monkeys. The Guardians have scored 9 goals while the Monkeys lost the match scoring 6 goals!



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