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Florida Deputy Austin Walsh Fatally Shot and Killed By Roommate


A recent news report has been from the American State of Florida has been very saddening and flabbergasting. The news is about the unfortunate demise of a police deputy. The deputy got killed by his roommate accidentally. Now many of you might think this can’t be true, but yes this maddening event is true. In today’s article, we will tell you all about this saddening and flabbergasting incident. Stay tuned till the end to know all about this news story.

Florida Deputy Austin Walsh Fatally Shot and Killed By Roommate

What Happened To Austin Walsh?

A Deputy from Florida police has reportedly passed away after getting shot by his roommate and close friend. The deceased police official has been identified as 23 years old Austin Walsh. The deadly incident happened at their residence in Palm Bay Area Florida. According to the reports, Walsh’s roommate and close friend Andrew mistakenly shot Austin to death. Andrew stated that he thought that the gun was unloaded. The incident has been very flabbergasting and saddening both at the same time.

Florida Deputy Austin Walsh Fatally Shot and Killed

Andrew immediately called 911 for helping his friend Austin. Paramedics and officials were rushed to the incident spot, but Austin couldn’t be saved. The medical officers tried their best to save him but he couldn’t be saved and passed away. The gunshot was very deadly and thus he succumbed. No one could ever think Austin could pass away at such a young age.

Austin and Andrew were very good friends and lived together since they were 18. Andrew too is a police deputy and thus this makes this case more sensational. The news about this deadly incident was announced by police officials. Senior police officials announced this news through a video on their official Facebook accounts.

Police officials have come out and paid their hearty tributes and condolences to the late Austin Walsh. Many people on the internet are also coming out and paying their hearty tribute and condolences to the late Austin. Currently, there is no information regarding Austin’s family and the case. We can assume some reports coming from the police officials soon.

Although our research team is currently looking into this and soon might release any information regarding Austin Walsh’s family. This news has created a massive amount of sensation on social media and the internet. We also. pay our tributes and condolences to the late Austin and prayers for his devastated family and close friends.  For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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